I decided to move a couple of blog posts to a new page to make it easier to find and also to elaborate this exciting online opportunity.

Someone very reliable has sponsored me in this interesting project..F5M
Course, me, being me, was (and kinda still is) quite skeptical. Nevertheless, I am checking it out. Last night I attended my first conference via internet. I figured it would be alot of hype promoting and promising really big money really fast. It would all be over my head but pretty and glossy. It wasn't.

Even though it was alot for me to take in (cause I hadn't even read up on it yet) I understood the principle and it got me curious.

Wait a minute and let me back up. That evening I had gotten an email from my sponsor reminding me of the $5 lifetime entrance fee which I still hadn't paid. I figured for $5, I should check it out, right? Well, I was trying to do just that and go on my merry (apprehensive) way to the conference, when my sponsor took care of it and said, "Pay me back later." I had also emailed another guy whose name I found in the info, responded very quickly and put my mind at ease. When I got to the conference room, I realized he was the founder!

And, let me say this...I was reluctant to go 'cause I had seen tha it had options for cameras and mic. I thought, "Do I have to clean up and sit in a spot of my apartment which was actually clean and get on camera?" I almost didn't go. Instead I shyly entered the conference room and discovered I didn't have to do or say anything. And, I didn't even have to turn my camera on! In fact I didn't need a camera or a mic to attend. Just listen.

I found out that the program, which is referred to as the "club", has been making daily payouts for over 16yrs!

I was really surprised that the founder himself had taken the time out to be concerned with my piddling $5 problem. I know what you're probably thinking...."the club has people handling these probs all the time posing as the guy." Well I don't know, but for $5 I'm gonna give it a shot.

John Kielec, the founder, headed up the conference and seemed sincere and down to earth. Yes, I know there are people out there that have that persuasive gift of speaking, but like I said, for $5 I'm still gonna give it a shot.

You can join me on this new venture by clicking here: http://instantsplash.com/s/35206


oldbuddy said...
You talked to John and he is the real deal. Just because he is the founder doesn't keep him from helping all he can, he makes his money the same way we do as a member of the program.

June 16, 2010 4:22 PM